RankPay Promo Code

Utilizing RankPay.com’s promo code “SAVE” is a smart move, it gives you a $50 credit towards their SEO services. Not to mention that they already offer a performance based SEO model! That means you don’t pay until you rank, and then when you do, you get a $50 credit. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

Here is how RankPay works:

RankPay is still the best performance based SEO service provider, not to mention the original performance based provider. The beauty of RankPay is that they provide upfront pricing, the ability to sign up and get a campaign started in minutes and best of all no crazy contracts or early termination fees.

Performance based SEO means that you are only paying after they’ve helped you achieve rankings. They are motivated to help get your website ranked in the the top positions in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If they don’t then you aren’t charged a dime.

When you visit their homepage you’ll want to enter your domain name, followed by some of the keywords that you want to rank for. If for some reason you don’t know which keywords you should be targeting Rankpay’s keyword opportunity tool will suggest keywords that you may want to rank for.

After setting up your campaign a Rankpay representative will call you and help you make the necessary onsite changes required for your website. These onsite changes enable RankPay to help you get your site ranked in the best possible positions. If for whatever reason either you or your Webmaster can’t make the necessary changes RankPay can make the changes for you for a nominal fee.

Now you are off to the races. You’ve setup an account with RankPay and your onsite optimization has been completed. At this point RankPay now begins to work their magic. They build high quality links with SEO industry standards to ensure that your sites rankings start increasing while reducing the risk of any sort of search engine penalty. Keep in mind that Rankpay’s goal is to have your website rank, and continue to rank in the future.

RankPay helps their clients throughout the SEO process, from A to Z. When you visit their website you are presented with the opportunity of using their innovative SEO opportunity toolbar that will help you research the best keywords for your upcoming SEO campaign. The toolbar will show the users their keywords opportunity, the search volume for that specific keyword, as well as upfront pricing information. They’ve built an unique algorithm that dives into the keywords opportunity to rank in all three of the major search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing. In short they compare your websites ability to rank on the first page, and even in the top positions for your desired keyword. This is great because RankPay gives YOU the opportunity to choose the keywords that YOU want to rank for. Most SEO companies decide which keywords you will rank for, which most of the time are long tail and untargeted, which means that you pay for rankings that provide zero benefit to your SEO marketing campaign.

Once you submit your keywords to RankPay, an SEO specialist will run further analysis to determine if the keywords you submitted will indeed provide a successful campaign. They check a keywords opportunity (more in depth human analysis then the toolbar) and make suggestions of other keywords that you may have not considered. Once the SEO specialist reviews the submitted keywords by the client, they will send them an email as well as a welcome call with further instructions on what the next steps are.

The beauty is the simplicity of getting an SEO campaign up and running with RankPay. RankPay will work with either yourself, webmaster, or web design team to make the necessary changes on your site. Don’t have a web design team or can’t modify your website? No problem! RankPay will perform the necessary changes for you. Within a short period of time your website will begin ranking for your desired keywords. This is the way SEO should be done, without a bunch of back and forth deliberation and making something extensively complicated that shouldn’t be. RankPay understands the importance of letting you manage your business, while they manage your search engine presence.

Be sure to use our exclusive $50 RankPay promo code: SAVE to save on your upcoming campaign, hundreds of business owners are taking advantage of RankPay’s services and earning top rankings. Why not take advantage of the RankPay promo code and get your websites exposure today.

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Rankpay.com Coupon or Discount Code?

Are you looking for a RankPay.com coupon or discount code? If so use promo code SAVE for $50 savings off of Rankpay’s SEO services.

Here’s the beauty of the RankPay model, you don’t pay until you rank. That means with the exclusive promo code SAVE, you’ll receive FREE SEO and then a credit of $50 towards your first invoice.

Get this, you are having months and months of FREE SEO work being completed. Finally after hitting page one, your online business is exploding with traffic. After having the best month of online sales you’ve ever had, RankPay sends you a bill for $37. You don’t owe a dime! You just scored another free month because of the coupon code SAVE that you used during checkout.

You’d be crazy to pass up an offer like RankPay. Why pay other service providers thousands, or even tens of thousands a month for SEO that doesn’t provide results? With RankPay you are having SEO completed for free until you start ranking.

Put your SEO company to the test and see if they’ll work on a similar model.

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My RankPay Experience

Sign Up Process

I’m like you. I’ve been through the ropes with way too many SEO companies. Getting burned with large sign up fees, reoccurring monthly charges for what seems like nothing, and empty promises. I was literally fed up with the whole SEO community and thought it was a snake oil industry.

Fortunately, I was referred to RankPay by a friend of mine. What really inspired me was the pay for performance proposition. I love performance based services/businesses, put up or shut up. After doing a little more research, I decided to call them to find out more.

After talking with a very knowledgeable customer support/sales guy, they walked me through the what to expect and what were my next steps to get started.

If you haven’t noticed already, RankPay offers upfront pricing on there website.

Be sure to spend time researching and trying to find the best keywords for your campaign. The keyword tool that they offer is pretty in depth and allows you to analyze things like Search Volume, SEO Opportunity per keyword, and additional keywords for your upcoming SEO campaign.

If this part is somewhat difficult for you, don’t worry about it. After submitting your keywords to RankPay an SEO expert will take a look at the keywords that you submitted and help you finalize your choices based on your ability to rank, search volume, and much more.  They’ll even walk you through it over the phone to make sure that you end up with the best possible keywords for your SEO campaign. Remember, this is all for free! You haven’t paid a single dime yet.

After identifying the keywords for my campaign it then came time to do the on site optimization. Its important to make sure that your website can be read well by the search engines, which in turn will allow RankPay to do a better job with link  building. RankPay provides a standard checklist of activities that need to be completed prior to them beginning your SEO campaign. The (2) main things that you need to have before activating your keywords is:

  1. Keywords in Title
  2. Keywords within the website itself

That’s it! Although there checklist provides even more suggestions then those two but those are the two that are required before they will begin there campaign. If for whatever reason you cannot perform these changes yourself then a RankPay SEO specialist can perform them for you for a nominal $25 charge per page.

Finally my campaign was underway. Throughout the sign up and activation process I never felt alone or without knowing what I should or could be doing. They helped me throughout the process and even called me to help walk me through some of the questions that I had.

SEO Process

Now came the most time consuming part, waiting for rankings. Like anyone I want instant and quick results, but unfortunately thats not how the search engines work. Search Engine Optimization takes time. During the signup process, my account manager fully disclosed that this process could take up to 6 months. I truly appreciate how upfront they were and it helped me set my expectations accordingly.

When I originally started with RankPay, my keywords weren’t ranked anywhere within the top 100 positions. My site was relatively new (8 months old) and I recently received a PR 2 on Google’s latest PR update.

RankPay provides a full userzone to there customers that gives great detail in to what is happening in there SEO campaign. Including:

  • Weekly Ranking Updates
  • Bi-Monthly Ranking eMails
  • Sample SEO Activity area
  • Email Newsletter with extremely helpful tips

That’s just some of what they offer, they recently just introduced the ability to track and monitor the rankings of up to (10) more keywords in Google, Bing & Yahoo.

SEO Activities

This is where most SEO companies simply flop and fail. They provide ineffective SEO simply because they don’t really get SEO to begin with. They’ll fall into the typical SEOMoz or other mantra’s of simply creating great content to receive backlinks, or they’ll follow ineffective strategies like Article Marketing or poorly designed spammy link networks.

RankPay blows everyone out of the water and you can really tell by the type of links that they build. One of the most interesting things that I wanted to point out is the use of Social with RankPay. RankPay utilizes social mediums like Twitter for creating ‘buzz’. Now I know what your probably thinking, Twitter? Why would they waste time. Well Google and the rest of the search engines have begun to actively look at Social Networking platforms for signals of whats relevant and important. RankPay’s been using Twitter for well over two years.Plain and simple, RankPay’s cutting edge SEO.

I don’t really want to detail the rest of RankPay’s SEO activities and linkbuilding, but I can tell you that they have some truly powerful methods of SEO unlike ANY other I’ve experienced with different SEO companies.

My RankPay Experience – Results

After nearly six months with RankPay, I’m more than happy. I’ve shared RankPay with hundreds of associates. I’ve now achieved top rankings for over ten of my main keywords, with two more that are on the cusp of entering the first page. RankPay’s always been available on the phone, email, or live chat when I’ve needed help.

Best of all, I’ve got the rankings that I was looking for and I didn’t pay a dime until they finally got me into the top 30 for my keywords. Best of all, I’m getting rankings ACROSS my website for keywords that RankPay isn’t paying for and I didn’t need to pay a dime for them! Now THATS a bargain.

Try RankPay for yourself today, and use the promo code ‘SAVE’ to get $50 credit towards there SEO Services.


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RankPay Affiliate Program

As an affiliate its only so often that you come across an affiliate program that’s worth its weight in gold. Introducing the RankPay Affiliate Program.

RankPay’s affiliate program can be found here. RankPay offers competitive payouts at 10% of referred clients. While that may not seem like much to begin with, lets take a look deeper. As an affiliate you receive 10% of the LIFETIME of that account! Did you hear what I just said? Residual income galore!

RankPay doesn’t offer CPA payouts unfortunately, but the getting paid out on the lifespan of each account can turn out to be very beneficial.

Don’t hesitate and be sure to sign up for RankPay’s affiliate program today. This could just be the affiliate program you were looking for.

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RankPay Review

Confused about what company to use for your search engine optimization? I don’t blame you! I’ve dealt with atleast ten different SEO companies since I started developing websites years ago. The whole idea of SEO is simple, get a website to rank high within the search engines. Simple enough right? Well it’s really not that simple, and in todays day and age someone could make their own SEO company in their home office. What that means is there are alot of phonies out there, claiming to be able ot rank websites, charge huge upfront ‘setup’ fees, and even larger monthly fees to perform SEO. The problem though? None of them seem to know what they are doing.

Well RankPay is different, RankPay understands SEO, heck, RankPay is SEO as far as I’m concerned. RankPay works on a performance based model, which is how almost every single service should be as far as I’m concerned. Put your money where your mouth is, if you can’t perform your service why should I have to pay you? When I found out that there was an SEO company that worked under this principle, I was practically sold. I mean what did I have to lose if RankPay couldn’t move my website any higher? Absolutely nothing since they don’t charge you if they can’t do that.

I’ve been working with RankPay for over a year now, and I must say I’m extremely happy with the results they have achieved for my plethora of sites. They have obtained top rankings for me, with incredibly difficult competition, and extremely high search volume keywords. Best of all? I only paid AFTER I saw both an increase in traffic, and sales. That’s the type of setup that I like.

To get started with RankPay is simple, there are just three steps to get your campaign under way.

1. Head to RankPay.com and enter your website domain…

2. The second page will display your websites stats and ask for you to enter your potential keywords. You can even do additional keyword research from this page helping you to find the best keyword possibilities.

3. After entering the keywords give the system a second, its doing checks to determine your keywords opportunities and tell you upfront pricing for optimizing those keywords. Did you hear what I just said? UPFRONT PRICING! Show me a single SEO company that does that.

On the bottom of the page you can even view additional keyword suggestions pulled straight from Google!

After adding your keywords to the basket, you can create your account as well as add our unique $50 RankPay promo code. Not too shabby if you ask me.

One thing to note: If you are familiar with SEO you’ll know that it can take some time to rank for keywords. It’s typically a process that takes time, most people seem to forget that. Expect rankings within a few months, and not a matter of a few weeks. If an SEO company claims to have rankings in a few weeks, be extremely worried, that’s not a good sign by any means.

My RankPay Review Conclusion

With RankPay I didn’t have to pay anything until my keyword was ranked at the top of the serach engines. They will only charge when your keyword is ranked within the Top 30 positions in each of the major search engines, Google Yahoo and Bing.

RankPay also has a very knowledgeable staff, not to mention extremely patient as well. I really like to analyze a company prior to giving them my business. I called up expecting some unknowledgable salesperson trying to continuously close me all the time and not know a thing about SEO. RankPay was far different, in fact they gave me additional SEO advice for free over the phone and I wasn’t even a client yet. That was extremely impressive and I commend them for doing that, they sold me on the spot by their knowledge and lack of salestype of phone call I was expecting.

Finally, RankPay provides a very affordable service. When looking around at other companies I got offers that ranged in the $x,xxx/mo. area for keywords that I had literally NO interest in and I knew wouldn’t bring the right type of traffic. I have a campaign that goes for around $xxx/mo. for keywords that convert and that I selected! Now that’s how SEO should be.

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RankPay Discount Code

Choosing RankPay as your SEO solution is a smart move. If you are looking for a rankpay discount code, enter code SAVE for $50 off of your SEO services. Keep in mind how RankPay works, this discount will be applied only AFTER you’ve begun ranking for your specific keyword(s). That’s right, they are a performance based SEO company that only will charge you once they achieve rankings for your website, not any time before.

Want it directly from the source? Here is some more information about RankPay.

Thank you so much for your interest in Rankpay. We here at Rankpay have revolutionized the S.E.O. payment plan to benefit any website and advertising budget. Rankpay’s service offers a very attractive and unique pricing model known as the ”pay per rank” which is currently not offered by any businesses in the industry. This model consists of two parts.

  1. You only pay after rankings are achieved for your site.
  2. You pay an amount based upon the rank established and all pricing is determined before the S.E.O. is done.

This allows for the consumer to have zero risk, if we don’t perform then you don’t pay. Many of the S.E.O. companies that exist charge on an upfront basis, regardless of whether or not any rankings are achieved. We here at Rankpay don’t believe in that philosophy, we feel that customers should only pay for results. Editors note: Remember to use our exclusive rankpay discount code to save after you are ranked.

Our unique keyword ‘SEO Opportunity’ tool is unique to the S.E.O. industry and allows for you to find the actual opportunity of your specific keyword that you are trying to target. Head on over to RankPay.com and enter your website URL and keyword that you are trying to target. We will provide you with the following information, free of charge.

  1. Keyword Research – Enter a keyword and we’ll give you more keyword suggestions. You’ll also be able to view the search volume for each term
  2. Competition Analysis – You’ll discover the S.E.O. strength of websites currently ranking for that keyword. This will help you determine where opportunities to get rankings are.
  3. Up Front Pricing – The site displays pricing information for each search engine based upon the ranking achieved.

A few other things to consider about the RankPay service:

  • The service can be effective with any sized website, from any industry targeting any keyword.
  • You can activate/deactivate terms from your keyword list at any time

Take some time and check out RankPay for yourself. Don’t forget about that killer RankPay.com discount code which is SAVE to allow you to save $50 off your campaign! That could go a long way as well, that’s about what it costs for top rankings for a few of my keywords.

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RankPay Coupon Code

Finally getting around to setting up your websites optimization so that you can begin ranking higher in the search engines? That’s a smart call, an even smarter decision is to use RankPay’s SEO services and using our unique RankPay coupon code:SAVE to save you $50 off of their services.

RankPay is the only performance based SEO company in existence, it’s no wonder that they’ve begun to gain popularity and buzz around the internet marketing community. This is a company to watch out for as they are not only providing an extremely valuable service, but they are obtaining tremendous rankings for their clients. Trust me I’d know as I’ve been with RankPay for over a year and have experienced fantastic results with our websites/keywords.

Wanna know how to get started?

The first step to get started with RankPay is to go to www.RankPay.com and enter your site’s domain name.

The second step is where you will enter a keyword that you want your site to rank for. Enter what you believe your target market would enter into Google if they were looking for a similar product, service or information that your site offers. After you enter a keyword, you’ll be able to view the pricing. Remember: you don’t pay anything until your site is ranked for that keyword!

When you find keywords that you like, add them to your basket. The last step is simply entering a valid credit/debit card as well as your contact info. It’s as simple as that . . .

Oh and be sure to enter your exclusive RankPay coupon code “SAVE” to take those savings even farther.

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Privacy Policy

Our postal address is

ADAA, San Francisco,

We can be reached via e-mail at INFO@rankpaypromocode.com
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We collect only the domain name, but not the e-mail address of visitors to our Web page, the domain name and e-mail address (where possible) of visitors to our Web page, aggregate information on what pages consumers access or visit, user-specific information on what pages consumers access or visit, information volunteered by the consumer, such as survey information and/or site registrations.

The information we collect is used for internal review and is then discarded, used to improve the content of our Web page, used to customize the content and/or layout of our page for each individual visitor, .

With respect to cookies: We use cookies to record user-specific information on what pages users access or visit, alert visitors to new areas that we think might be of interest to them when they return to our site, record past activity at a site in order to provide better service when visitors return to our site .

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Upon request we provide site visitors with access to no information that we have collected and that we maintain about them.

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If you feel that this site is not following its stated information policy, you may contact us at the above addresses or phone number.

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