My RankPay Experience

Sign Up Process

I’m like you. I’ve been through the ropes with way too many SEO companies. Getting burned with large sign up fees, reoccurring monthly charges for what seems like nothing, and empty promises. I was literally fed up with the whole SEO community and thought it was a snake oil industry.

Fortunately, I was referred to RankPay by a friend of mine. What really inspired me was the pay for performance proposition. I love performance based services/businesses, put up or shut up. After doing a little more research, I decided to call them to find out more.

After talking with a very knowledgeable customer support/sales guy, they walked me through the what to expect and what were my next steps to get started.

If you haven’t noticed already, RankPay offers upfront pricing on there website.

Be sure to spend time researching and trying to find the best keywords for your campaign. The keyword tool that they offer is pretty in depth and allows you to analyze things like Search Volume, SEO Opportunity per keyword, and additional keywords for your upcoming SEO campaign.

If this part is somewhat difficult for you, don’t worry about it. After submitting your keywords to RankPay an SEO expert will take a look at the keywords that you submitted and help you finalize your choices based on your ability to rank, search volume, and much more.¬† They’ll even walk you through it over the phone to make sure that you end up with the best possible keywords for your SEO campaign. Remember, this is all for free! You haven’t paid a single dime yet.

After identifying the keywords for my campaign it then came time to do the on site optimization. Its important to make sure that your website can be read well by the search engines, which in turn will allow RankPay to do a better job with link  building. RankPay provides a standard checklist of activities that need to be completed prior to them beginning your SEO campaign. The (2) main things that you need to have before activating your keywords is:

  1. Keywords in Title
  2. Keywords within the website itself

That’s it! Although there checklist provides even more suggestions then those two but those are the two that are required before they will begin there campaign. If for whatever reason you cannot perform these changes yourself then a RankPay SEO specialist can perform them for you for a nominal $25 charge per page.

Finally my campaign was underway. Throughout the sign up and activation process I never felt alone or without knowing what I should or could be doing. They helped me throughout the process and even called me to help walk me through some of the questions that I had.

SEO Process

Now came the most time consuming part, waiting for rankings. Like anyone I want instant and quick results, but unfortunately thats not how the search engines work. Search Engine Optimization takes time. During the signup process, my account manager fully disclosed that this process could take up to 6 months. I truly appreciate how upfront they were and it helped me set my expectations accordingly.

When I originally started with RankPay, my keywords weren’t ranked anywhere within the top 100 positions. My site was relatively new (8 months old) and I recently received a PR 2 on Google’s latest PR update.

RankPay provides a full userzone to there customers that gives great detail in to what is happening in there SEO campaign. Including:

  • Weekly Ranking Updates
  • Bi-Monthly Ranking eMails
  • Sample SEO Activity area
  • Email Newsletter with extremely helpful tips

That’s just some of what they offer, they recently just introduced the ability to track and monitor the rankings of up to (10) more keywords in Google, Bing & Yahoo.

SEO Activities

This is where most SEO companies simply flop and fail. They provide ineffective SEO simply because they don’t really get SEO to begin with. They’ll fall into the typical SEOMoz or other mantra’s of simply creating great content to receive backlinks, or they’ll follow ineffective strategies like Article Marketing or poorly designed spammy link networks.

RankPay blows everyone out of the water and you can really tell by the type of links that they build. One of the most interesting things that I wanted to point out is the use of Social with RankPay. RankPay utilizes social mediums like Twitter for creating ‘buzz’. Now I know what your probably thinking, Twitter? Why would they waste time. Well Google and the rest of the search engines have begun to actively look at Social Networking platforms for signals of whats relevant and important. RankPay’s been using Twitter for well over two years.Plain and simple, RankPay’s cutting edge SEO.

I don’t really want to detail the rest of RankPay’s SEO activities and linkbuilding, but I can tell you that they have some truly powerful methods of SEO unlike ANY other I’ve experienced with different SEO companies.

My RankPay Experience – Results

After nearly six months with RankPay, I’m more than happy. I’ve shared RankPay with hundreds of associates. I’ve now achieved top rankings for over ten of my main keywords, with two more that are on the cusp of entering the first page. RankPay’s always been available on the phone, email, or live chat when I’ve needed help.

Best of all, I’ve got the rankings that I was looking for and I didn’t pay a dime until they finally got me into the top 30 for my keywords. Best of all, I’m getting rankings ACROSS my website for keywords that RankPay isn’t paying for and I didn’t need to pay a dime for them! Now THATS a bargain.

Try RankPay for yourself today, and use the promo code ‘SAVE’ to get $50 credit towards there SEO Services.


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