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Finally getting around to setting up your websites optimization so that you can begin ranking higher in the search engines? That’s a smart call, an even smarter decision is to use RankPay’s SEO services and using our unique RankPay coupon code:SAVE to save you $50 off of their services.

RankPay is the only performance based SEO company in existence, it’s no wonder that they’ve begun to gain popularity and buzz around the internet marketing community. This is a company to watch out for as they are not only providing an extremely valuable service, but they are obtaining tremendous rankings for their clients. Trust me I’d know as I’ve been with RankPay for over a year and have experienced fantastic results with our websites/keywords.

Wanna know how to get started?

The first step to get started with RankPay is to go to www.RankPay.com and enter your site’s domain name.

The second step is where you will enter a keyword that you want your site to rank for. Enter what you believe your target market would enter into Google if they were looking for a similar product, service or information that your site offers. After you enter a keyword, you’ll be able to view the pricing. Remember: you don’t pay anything until your site is ranked for that keyword!

When you find keywords that you like, add them to your basket. The last step is simply entering a valid credit/debit card as well as your contact info. It’s as simple as that . . .

Oh and be sure to enter your exclusive RankPay coupon code “SAVE” to take those savings even farther.

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