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Choosing RankPay as your SEO solution is a smart move. If you are looking for a rankpay discount code, enter code SAVE for $50 off of your SEO services. Keep in mind how RankPay works, this discount will be applied only AFTER you’ve begun ranking for your specific keyword(s). That’s right, they are a performance based SEO company that only will charge you once they achieve rankings for your website, not any time before.

Want it directly from the source? Here is some more information about RankPay.

Thank you so much for your interest in Rankpay. We here at Rankpay have revolutionized the S.E.O. payment plan to benefit any website and advertising budget. Rankpay’s service offers a very attractive and unique pricing model known as the ”pay per rank” which is currently not offered by any businesses in the industry. This model consists of two parts.

  1. You only pay after rankings are achieved for your site.
  2. You pay an amount based upon the rank established and all pricing is determined before the S.E.O. is done.

This allows for the consumer to have zero risk, if we don’t perform then you don’t pay. Many of the S.E.O. companies that exist charge on an upfront basis, regardless of whether or not any rankings are achieved. We here at Rankpay don’t believe in that philosophy, we feel that customers should only pay for results. Editors note: Remember to use our exclusive rankpay discount code to save after you are ranked.

Our unique keyword ‘SEO Opportunity’ tool is unique to the S.E.O. industry and allows for you to find the actual opportunity of your specific keyword that you are trying to target. Head on over to RankPay.com and enter your website URL and keyword that you are trying to target. We will provide you with the following information, free of charge.

  1. Keyword Research – Enter a keyword and we’ll give you more keyword suggestions. You’ll also be able to view the search volume for each term
  2. Competition Analysis – You’ll discover the S.E.O. strength of websites currently ranking for that keyword. This will help you determine where opportunities to get rankings are.
  3. Up Front Pricing – The site displays pricing information for each search engine based upon the ranking achieved.

A few other things to consider about the RankPay service:

  • The service can be effective with any sized website, from any industry targeting any keyword.
  • You can activate/deactivate terms from your keyword list at any time

Take some time and check out RankPay for yourself. Don’t forget about that killer RankPay.com discount code which is SAVE to allow you to save $50 off your campaign! That could go a long way as well, that’s about what it costs for top rankings for a few of my keywords.

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