RankPay Promo Code

Utilizing RankPay.com’s promo code “SAVE” is a smart move, it gives you a $50 credit towards their SEO services. Not to mention that they already offer a performance based SEO model! That means you don’t pay until you rank, and then when you do, you get a $50 credit. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

Here is how RankPay works:

RankPay is still the best performance based SEO service provider, not to mention the original performance based provider. The beauty of RankPay is that they provide upfront pricing, the ability to sign up and get a campaign started in minutes and best of all no crazy contracts or early termination fees.

Performance based SEO means that you are only paying after they’ve helped you achieve rankings. They are motivated to help get your website ranked in the the top positions in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If they don’t then you aren’t charged a dime.

When you visit their homepage you’ll want to enter your domain name, followed by some of the keywords that you want to rank for. If for some reason you don’t know which keywords you should be targeting Rankpay’s keyword opportunity tool will suggest keywords that you may want to rank for.

After setting up your campaign a Rankpay representative will call you and help you make the necessary onsite changes required for your website. These onsite changes enable RankPay to help you get your site ranked in the best possible positions. If for whatever reason either you or your Webmaster can’t make the necessary changes RankPay can make the changes for you for a nominal fee.

Now you are off to the races. You’ve setup an account with RankPay and your onsite optimization has been completed. At this point RankPay now begins to work their magic. They build high quality links with SEO industry standards to ensure that your sites rankings start increasing while reducing the risk of any sort of search engine penalty. Keep in mind that Rankpay’s goal is to have your website rank, and continue to rank in the future.

RankPay helps their clients throughout the SEO process, from A to Z. When you visit their website you are presented with the opportunity of using their innovative SEO opportunity toolbar that will help you research the best keywords for your upcoming SEO campaign. The toolbar will show the users their keywords opportunity, the search volume for that specific keyword, as well as upfront pricing information. They’ve built an unique algorithm that dives into the keywords opportunity to rank in all three of the major search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing. In short they compare your websites ability to rank on the first page, and even in the top positions for your desired keyword. This is great because RankPay gives YOU the opportunity to choose the keywords that YOU want to rank for. Most SEO companies decide which keywords you will rank for, which most of the time are long tail and untargeted, which means that you pay for rankings that provide zero benefit to your SEO marketing campaign.

Once you submit your keywords to RankPay, an SEO specialist will run further analysis to determine if the keywords you submitted will indeed provide a successful campaign. They check a keywords opportunity (more in depth human analysis then the toolbar) and make suggestions of other keywords that you may have not considered. Once the SEO specialist reviews the submitted keywords by the client, they will send them an email as well as a welcome call with further instructions on what the next steps are.

The beauty is the simplicity of getting an SEO campaign up and running with RankPay. RankPay will work with either yourself, webmaster, or web design team to make the necessary changes on your site. Don’t have a web design team or can’t modify your website? No problem! RankPay will perform the necessary changes for you. Within a short period of time your website will begin ranking for your desired keywords. This is the way SEO should be done, without a bunch of back and forth deliberation and making something extensively complicated that shouldn’t be. RankPay understands the importance of letting you manage your business, while they manage your search engine presence.

Be sure to use our exclusive $50 RankPay promo code: SAVE to save on your upcoming campaign, hundreds of business owners are taking advantage of RankPay’s services and earning top rankings. Why not take advantage of the RankPay promo code and get your websites exposure today.

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