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Confused about what company to use for your search engine optimization? I don’t blame you! I’ve dealt with atleast ten different SEO companies since I started developing websites years ago. The whole idea of SEO is simple, get a website to rank high within the search engines. Simple enough right? Well it’s really not that simple, and in todays day and age someone could make their own SEO company in their home office. What that means is there are alot of phonies out there, claiming to be able ot rank websites, charge huge upfront ‘setup’ fees, and even larger monthly fees to perform SEO. The problem though? None of them seem to know what they are doing.

Well RankPay is different, RankPay understands SEO, heck, RankPay is SEO as far as I’m concerned. RankPay works on a performance based model, which is how almost every single service should be as far as I’m concerned. Put your money where your mouth is, if you can’t perform your service why should I have to pay you? When I found out that there was an SEO company that worked under this principle, I was practically sold. I mean what did I have to lose if RankPay couldn’t move my website any higher? Absolutely nothing since they don’t charge you if they can’t do that.

I’ve been working with RankPay for over a year now, and I must say I’m extremely happy with the results they have achieved for my plethora of sites. They have obtained top rankings for me, with incredibly difficult competition, and extremely high search volume keywords. Best of all? I only paid AFTER I saw both an increase in traffic, and sales. That’s the type of setup that I like.

To get started with RankPay is simple, there are just three steps to get your campaign under way.

1. Head to RankPay.com and enter your website domain…

2. The second page will display your websites stats and ask for you to enter your potential keywords. You can even do additional keyword research from this page helping you to find the best keyword possibilities.

3. After entering the keywords give the system a second, its doing checks to determine your keywords opportunities and tell you upfront pricing for optimizing those keywords. Did you hear what I just said? UPFRONT PRICING! Show me a single SEO company that does that.

On the bottom of the page you can even view additional keyword suggestions pulled straight from Google!

After adding your keywords to the basket, you can create your account as well as add our unique $50 RankPay promo code. Not too shabby if you ask me.

One thing to note: If you are familiar with SEO you’ll know that it can take some time to rank for keywords. It’s typically a process that takes time, most people seem to forget that. Expect rankings within a few months, and not a matter of a few weeks. If an SEO company claims to have rankings in a few weeks, be extremely worried, that’s not a good sign by any means.

My RankPay Review Conclusion

With RankPay I didn’t have to pay anything until my keyword was ranked at the top of the serach engines. They will only charge when your keyword is ranked within the Top 30 positions in each of the major search engines, Google Yahoo and Bing.

RankPay also has a very knowledgeable staff, not to mention extremely patient as well. I really like to analyze a company prior to giving them my business. I called up expecting some unknowledgable salesperson trying to continuously close me all the time and not know a thing about SEO. RankPay was far different, in fact they gave me additional SEO advice for free over the phone and I wasn’t even a client yet. That was extremely impressive and I commend them for doing that, they sold me on the spot by their knowledge and lack of salestype of phone call I was expecting.

Finally, RankPay provides a very affordable service. When looking around at other companies I got offers that ranged in the $x,xxx/mo. area for keywords that I had literally NO interest in and I knew wouldn’t bring the right type of traffic. I have a campaign that goes for around $xxx/mo. for keywords that convert and that I selected! Now that’s how SEO should be.

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